I had a bad day (March 27th) for my lips and my fingers which…

I had a bad day (March 27th) for my lips and my fingers which are arguably the worst parts to have messed up (besides the knees which I am not currently dealing with but for those who are, I have felt your pain and I’d say knees and fingers are the highest ranking worst spots because they both limit life so much (I would imagine feet fall in this category as well, and genitals are probably in a category all their own)).

My lips have been doing so well up until this peely mess started happening. My lips are actually very red here (if you compare to past pictures of my lips you will see that my lips are usually much paler). They burned and stung really badly, as if I had been eating incredibly salty food. I think maybe the fact that I mostly drink water with lemon in it might have something to do with the way my lips got (plus the sudden 45 degree weather after a day of 85 degree weather-thanks Florida!) but generally I think it was just a cyclical thing of skin healing. The part where my lips meet was super smooth, unlike how they normally are, so I take it as a strange healing process. Anyway, they’re better now, not in such pain, but still flaky.

My fingers had been pretty great up until  this day where I got really itchy, scratched them like crazy, and ended up right where I had been before, or so it seems. I tried to take a picture to show all the little yellow vesicles but I’m not sure they are very visible. I really, really hate having my fingers messed up. It makes me feel so useless. I do like not having to moisturize though; now I’m not getting everything all greased-up and disgusting like before. One of the pictures shows the huge difference in my now two-thirds-normal finger and the rest of them. They’re all swollen constantly (compare the knuckles). Anyway, my fingers are not back to how they had been before I scratched them BUT they are already much better than they were in these pictures. That’s pretty fast, and it’s nice reassurance that I need not be so discouraged when things like this happen.

My wrists weren’t bothering me so much here and as of today I only have a few tiny little sores and the rest is just rough skin. It’s pink but it’s barely broken and that’s wonderful. My arms and inner elbows are doing better too! Still rashy skin that is flat and rough but not inflamed (and the color is pink like my wrists). My skin overall is getting a little tougher. My method of “scratch and ignore” is a tactic that seems to be working for me. Let’s face it-we have to scratch. Let yourself have the scratch but then ‘put your skin away’ by covering it up somehow, ignore your skin for as long as you can and try to put it all out of your mind. I think we actually can have our cake and eat it too. You’re going to heal.

I was able to wash the dishes by wearing two sets of gloves and quite frankly, that is a big feat for me! The fact that I even felt comfortable enough to put gloves on was amazing and after doing the dishes I felt so accomplished, ha ha. It’s great to be able to do something to make myself feel like I’m not totally useless after all.

Anyway, I suppose my updates are going to become less frequent if this process is going steadily.

Hello to everyone. I wish you all good days and great strength to get through the bad ones. I hope you can find methods that work for you and little victories that make you happy. I’m rooting for all of you and I’m right here if you want to vent or just want to talk about anything at all. Love for everyone. Keep up the fight.

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